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The London Coaching Space mentors Leaders of Change, those who want to make a difference, leave a legacy, change the world

A Cultural Shift in Leading Change

It is naive to believe traditional leadership practices will drive great success in the future

The old rule book on Change Leadership has been ripped up, and a new, agile People Side of Change is emerging

By 2020, 50% of the workforce will be millennials. By 2029, 30% of the Top Fortune 1000 companies will no longer exist.


The world is not changing, the world has changed

Leaders need to be equipped with the right tools, mindset and behaviours to excel in today's unpredictable world of digital technologies and human ecosystems

The London Coaching Space teaches the Art of Gentle Disruption


Business Performance Mentoring

The London Coaching Space designs Personal Performance Programs to give you the flexibility and time to Focus and Think about how you can improve your performance and / or that of your organisation 

Business Performance Coaching Program

6 months of personal 1-2-1 Coaching (4hrs / mnth)

Blend of Face-to-Face & Online Mentoring to suit 

Support via call, text & email

be the best

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