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Do You Believe In Magic? 5 Key Skills For Leaders And Their Teams

Have you ever believed you could make a difference?

Ever believed you could have a positive impact on people?

Maybe you have great skills and experience, but right now your belief and confidence is low, which means you don’t always put yourself out there as you don’t feel anyone would care

It could be you have been worn down over time by criticism, negative energy and toxic people, which has left you currently empty and low, wondering what is wrong with you

Perhaps you’ve always believed you could make a difference, but those around you have told you you weren’t good enough as they didn’t see you inner spark

It might be you took a role that didn’t inspire or energise you, and you’re now wondering which way to turn, feeling confused as to your next steps which further impacts on your psyche

So if this is where you are, feeling, low and unenergised. Feeling confused and empty, where do you want to be?

Well picture it — you’re flying, with tons of confidence and belief that people are commenting how much of a change they’ve seen in you, which makes you feel amazing

Just imagine, you’re surrounded by positivity, smiles and a can do attitude, which drives you up, up, up and fills you with bubbles

Picture it — here, you don’t listen to the negative comments, instead, believing in your own abilities as you know you can make a difference

Here, you’ve regained your magic, your spark, your secret sauce and you’re helping others to regain their confidence too

So if you’re currently feeling drained and confused, yet know you can feel energised and confident, how do you bridge the gap and achieve your dreams

Well, the trick to unlocking the magic is leading yourself through the dark, it’s believing in yourself so you lock out the negative and remind yourself of all the qualities that you know you have

So what is ‘leading yourself through the dark’?

Well, it’s building a resilience of mindset that allows you to weather the storms as they ebb and flow

It’s knowing that, despite others’ comments and behaviours, you’re worth more than their beliefs, as you have your inner belief, and strength to know you’re doing a great job

It’s being able to recognise you for all the good you do for others and reminding yourself that you are not what others believe but your actions speak louder than words

It’s important to remember that, in times of struggle and confusion, we all have our instinct, out intuition, and we know those who don’t serve us, and we also know how great we can actually be when we’re lifted by our own inner strength

It’s important to remember that despite how you’re feeling now, you have the power to change that and believe in something different, which can change your state and thinking patterns

And it’s important to start now, as the longer we leave it, the longer we will feel low, disempowered and confused

I’ve realised there are 5 things we can do to remind ourselves how to find our magic

  1. Breathe — when you get anxious or confused, focus on your breath. Now this takes practice, but i invite you to stick with it, focusing on your inhale and exhale, your belly going up and down, the feeling of your breathe coming out you mouth and nostrils

  2. Tune in — can you hear birds, cars passing by, children playing outside? If you can’t try and refocus and listen to the sounds of the wrolds going on around you

  3. Write write write — when our thoughts are swimming around, we can get lost and create negative loops we can’t break. so grab a pen and paper, and write until it’s all out. This at least allows you to see what’s going on for you on paper, and start to out your thoughts in order

  4. Check yourself — whenever you recognise you’re thinking in a negative pattern, stop yourself by saying out loud ‘hang on! you’re great and you’ve started thinking again thoughts that don’t serve you’. Doing this break your thought pattern and reminds you that you’re not your thoughts and give yourself a verbal shout out!

  5. Surround yourself with positivity — Your family, friends or work colleagues may help you more than you know, by reminding you of all the good that you are and will be again, despite how you may perceive yourself at the momet

And when you’ve done the above, repeat repeat repeat as often as you need to start rebuilding your and your magic back to epic proportions

We are all human, and we all can find ourselves questioning the essence of us at time

But by reminding ourselves regularly of what a difference we can make to ourselves and others can change our state over time, and get us back to believeing in magic :)

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