• Jo McDowall

"Thank You For Reminding Me To Breathe..."

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

I am sat in my favourite cafe on a busy Saturday afternoon, tables spilling outside.

Jars of colour sit on high shelves as watercolours hang from whitewashed walls.

Perched high on a stool facing the sunny world outdoors, I ponder a smoothie menu.

As the whirlwind brews behind me ..

The girl looked flushed, her face reddening as the lady raised her voice.

“I have waited for 15 minutes and I’m going to be late. It will need to be takeaway.”

The cafe turned to listen.

"I’m really sorry" said the girl, heading toward the kitchen.

She returned moments later with a small bag of food and a refund.

The lady left briskly.

Watching the scene unfold, the girl hadn't paused.

Turning to me with flustered face she asked "Ready?"

‘And breathe’ I urged calmly, orchestrating with my fingers.

She stopped, with a jolt.

And smiled ..

I’d caught her mid pinball.

"Thank you” she said.

“For reminding me to breathe.”

Her face lit with a knowing grin as she turned to register my order.

I settled in, watching the bubbles pop on the surface of my smoothie and pondered. 

I had invited someone to pause for a moment.

And watched as that small invitation was met with a grateful smile.

Pausing to reconnect with the moment is a choice

Do you want to slow the world and deal more effectively with what life throws ?

Try and find moments to pause, and remind yourself to breathe ;)

#selfcare #justbreathe #pinball #mindfulness


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