• Jo McDowall

Rebel Leaders : 3 Things You Need To Disrupt The World

Where are the next generation of leaders to learn the art and science of gentle business disruption?

Where can they go to learn how to inspire individuals to drive business change, to be agile, brave and ready for the ambiguous?

Our world needs creative and the solution orientated individuals, who have the skills to understand how to change the status quo successfully

Who doesn’t want to accelerate their personal development and performance?

Who doesn’t want to achieve more?

What if you were able to accelerate your performance quicker than most to drive exceptional results in your chosen field?

Being part of a community, a tribe, is crucial to success. Noone can do it alone, you must build a network of exceptional people to hang out with and then commit to learning and growing, falling and failing

For it’s only when we fail, we grow

And when we push boundaries and grow, we begin to create an edge, and that’s what gets us ahead

When we collaborate, we learn from each other

When we invest in ourselves, we learn skills and behaviours that change our effectiveness

And when we challenge the status quo, we begin to disrupt the world around us

Who knows what we could achieve if we did all three ..

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