• Jo McDowall

What Would You Do if You Had 50% More Time In Your Day?

I bet it wouldn’t be have more meetings!

15% of an organisations time according to Forbes is spent in meetings and frighteningly up to 50% of

Execs time is spent (or wasted) talking rather than taking action

Have you ever been to a meeting where the agenda was unclear and outcomes never cemented or actioned?

I’d imagine we all have, so why do we continue to attend meetings where we doubt their value or outputs?

Well, one reason is habit, and as a new year dawns, I challenge you to start thinking about how you can collaborate more effectively with your colleagues to achieve more this year than last

If you’re one of ‘those’ who perpetuate the outdated meeting culture, here’s a few bad habits which I invite you to consider changing in 2020, which will see your meetings yield more results, more engagement and more time in yours and others’ diaries

Check yourself .. do you :

- arrange meetings without an agenda - take no minutes and expect pixies to capture - never review actions at the start of meetings to hold people accountable - invite the world ‘just in case’ - always schedule meetings for an hour

If you’ve succumbed in the past to one or more of these, this could be your Year of Change

Be brave, buck the trend..

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