“Everyone who has ever done a kind deed for us or spoken a word of encouragement  to us has entered into the make-up of our character and of our thoughts, as well as our success”. - George B. Adams

Jo has left me with a deeper sense of duty to others having benefitted from her transformational leadership

I am a testament to her genius in motivating and driving performance

 I was at my least confident when I started working with Jo and I recently started a new role as a consultant at a Fortune 100 company; a job I would never have applied for some months ago because I didn’t think I was good enough          


Jo was my manager in my last role and those months changed the trajectory of my career


In Jo's exceptional communication fashion, she asked me to think about and articulate my desired outcome from the onset of the project


She listened intently and made sure I was given tasks to help me develop the skill sets needed to actualise this goal 


She delegated responsibilities even when I didn't feel ready to take them on and gave constructive feedback, which led me to improve


She maintained a highly motivated team by applauding performance, giving credit, bringing into focus our contribution to the bigger picture which made us feel valued and yet managed to be deeply committed to our individual growth

Not long after, I started to believe in myself and that’s when the magic happened. The moment my thoughts changed, so did my output


This shift was a direct result of her encouragement, devotion, kindness, guidance and contagious enthusiasm


I now carry with me the knowledge of our capability as leaders to develop others and a duty to extend the same compassion to those

I meet through the course of my career and personal life

—  Biola Onanuga