• Jo McDowall

The Future is Disruption : How Successful Organisations Thrive

Successful organisations build from the inside out

Successful organisations focus on developing their greatest asset, their people

​It is my belief that every organisation has an obligation to bring out the very best in its tribe

This is the mark of an outstanding organisation

Remember, an organisation is not real without people, hence the name (an ‘organisation’ of people)

So, it must be true that, for an organisation to prosper, grow and be successful, it must encourage those responsible to be the very best they can be

For those of us who are lucky enough to lead and inspire teams, we have an obligation to work closely with our next gen leaders to create the future of effective leadership together, mentoring them so they build on our success and learn from our mistakes

We need to create a new breed. A new rule book. A fresh focus

Business rule breakers and visionaries are quietly challenging and changing the status quo … from the inside out

Savvy organisations are now harnessing the collective power of their individuals, for they realise their true intrinsic value

Intelligent organisations are creating innovation incubators, breeding grounds for imagination and business creativity

Just imagine if every individual was encouraged to help shape the future of their organisation

Just imagine building a network of empowered individuals who create ideas and push boundaries

Just imagine individuals equipped with the knowledge, tools and belief to twist and twist again, failing fast and learning much

What a delightful world of gentle disruption that would be

Successful, scaleable disruption doesn’t happen by luck. It happens by DESIGN

For businesses to thrive in an uncertain world, they must invest in developing their greatest asset and equip their talented futurists with the tools to make a difference

Are you nurturing your talent and creating the conditions for them to shine ?

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