• Jo McDowall

The Everest Of Socks

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

It was a day without a plan. The kind of day where you allow yourself to be buffeted along on the wind

The kind of day when plans are made, and some unmade

The kind of day you clear your sock drawer

I am sat writing at my table under the window. It's a still Saturday afternoon

My husband taps me on the shoulder and I look. Wrong shoulder .. hilarious ..

I had been busy writing until he and Everest caught my imagination

“How many socks can one man have?” I ask

“You can never have too many socks” he replies, studiously pairing colourful couples

“Evidently not” I answer, raising an eyebrow

This is an annual event 

Never a planned event, but an annual event nonetheless

There reaches a tipping point where the drawer screams for order

It got me thinking ..

When socks become disorganised and stale, we invest (albeit grudgingly) in sorting the disarray 

We happily disregard items that no longer match our mood, or are sad and tired

And seek out fresh new additions to add extra spring to our step

Yet I wonder how much time we invest in decluttering our mind

How many times do we spring clean ourselves, seek out new season thoughts or rid ourselves of those that no longer serve

I wonder if the drawers of our mind would benefit from an annual refresh

I’ve learnt over the years my mind doesn't function well when overflowing and disorganised

Conscious small investments of focus, over time, compound and keep my thoughts in order

To work at its optimum, I need a regular declutter to prevent an Everest emerging

#everest #declutter #mentalspringclean

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